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10 Reasons why Conrad American is
America's Finest Grain Management Systems


Large 40" Fill Opening.
Large 40" fill opening is reinforced with a 10 gauge inner ring which will easily support spreading and stirring devices. The fill opening is covered by a spun dome lid secured by a single spring loaded latch. The lid slides horizontally to open and close eliminating the need to move loading equipment.



35° High Ribbed Roof.
35° pitch roof features a computer designed specially engineered high rib design for maximum strength and fast condensation runoff. The steep roof design lets moisture escape to the outdoors in the drying process—not down the inside bin wall.

A full 5½" overhang at the eave protects against driving rain, wind and blowing snow. Roof ribs fully overlap for a weathertight seal and double strength. The oblong manway opening provides easy access to the inside.


3 Roof Safety and Compression Ring.
Double duty roof safety and compression ring provides an extra measure of safety when working on the bin roof. Risk of heavy snow loads and strong wind damage is greatly lessened by this standard feature. Due to its strategic placement, when properly adjusted can increase the roof's rigidity.

4 Sturdy Roof Safety Steps.
Mounted to the high ribbed roof, galvanized roof safety steps allow quick access to the fill opening and manway and sure footing completely around the top. Roof safety steps are carefully fabricated to eliminate sharp edges.

5 Roof Eave Clip.
The roof eave clip fits neatly into the roof rib and securely anchors roof to sidewall at the eave. The two position design allows the entire roof to be raised for drying processes and lowered for permanent storage. Fabricated from rugged 14 gauge galvanized material, the roof eave clip forms a bolted bond between roof and sidewall that eliminates bird entry and is unaffected by strong winds and weight stress.


Rugged Sidewall Ladders, Spiral Stairs, & Safety Platform.
OSHA specification sidewall ladder and optional work platform make access to the manway and roof safe. Heavy duty ladder sections in 1 ring lengths adapt to all bin sizes and come standard with railing hoops at the eave. The optional work platform and handrailings provide even more freedom for rooftop work. All ladder equipment is bolted securely to the bin wall. Spiral stairs (not shown) available for all bins.



Heavy Gauge Sidewalls in Wide 4" Corrugation Profile.
Sidewalls are ASTM high strength steel, galvanized with 1.25 ounces of zinc per square foot. Corrugations are 4", center-to-center. Overall sheet width 44". High-strength 5/16" hex bolts with neoprene washer for sheets 14-gauge and lighter. Stronger 3/8" bolts with double-punched horizontal laps for sheets 13-gauge and heavier. Super strong tie-down brackets. Also available in narrow 2.66" corrugation profile.


8 Heavy Gauge Grain Bin Door Unit.
Heavy gauge galvanized door unit is factory assembled to assure a perfect fit. Two grain-tight inner door panels with inspection opening make grain checking easy. The attractive heavy gauge outer door cover has a locking handle which provide a quick close and weatherproof seal.

9 Bin Entrance Step.
Galvanized bin entrance step provides sure footing upon entry and exit from the bin with a special no-slip tread. The large bin step, a standard feature, measures 9" x 19" and is securely bolted to the bin wall.


Floor and Floor Support.
Perf-Lock floor is perforated with large 3/32" holes. They provide twice as much air opening as slit type flooring, yet are small enough to keep small grains (even rice) from falling through.

Flat interlocking floor greatly improves cleaning with a bin sweep without the damage that occurs on chisle cut floors, interlocking "J" joints, along with cross corrugations, provide a strong, highly efficient drying floor.

Specially designed, 17 ga. galvanized steel floor supports provide a solid base for the bin floor. Each support is notched to conform to the floor configuration. The large center opening allows ample air movement.


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